Saturated/Unsaturated Fatty Acid Structures

Understanding the chemical structure for saturated and unsaturated (cis and trans) fatty acids. A "fat molecule" is also called a "triglyceride" or "triacylglyceride." Fatty acids have a polar carboxylic acid "head" and a non-polar hydrocarbon "tail." Overall, a molecule with a large hydrocarbon chain is more soluble in fatsoilshydrocarbons (ie. nonpolar solvents). In general, we use the phrase "like dissolves like" to predict the solubility of a compound in a polar or non-polar solvent. A molecule with a very short hydrocarbon chain (vinegaracetic acid) is more soluble in water; the polar carboxylic acid functional group "wins". The hypothetical fat molecule that I showed is called a "triglyceride" because the glycerol is esterified with 3 fatty acids.


  1. PS: Dairy and Beef fat do contain some polyunsaturated BUT that is mainly CLA so its perfect the fat profile!!

  2. Another One.. saturated fats r bad and unsaturated are good! Pure LIES!! Saturated fats are THE BEST fats we can possibly eat!! Please check the science on the Danger of Polyunsaturated oils in our diet on webpages by Ray Peat, Broda Barnes and Barry Groves!! Stick To Coconut and MCT oils, Ghee,Cream and Butter, Chocolate fat and becarefull with Olive and Palm Oils, Lard and Chicken Fat as they do contain More Unsaturated then Saturated fats!!

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  4. Unsaturated fats are not the best fats for humans; monoUnsaturated is ok but Polyunsaturated oils ARE NOT!! thats why our body Only produce Saturated and MonoUnsaturated Omega9 oils from sugars/carbs/proteins we eat!! We never make up any Polyunsaturated oils!!!Saturated fats are Ideal for humans as we are warm blooded while liquid oils like fish oils are ideal for fishes swimming in very coold water!! fishes sweimming at the tropics in warm waters have fats like butter!!

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  6. why does putting a triglyceride in an acid or base cause hydrolysis?

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  9. Question, after the ester bond is formed and the hydrogen is lost from the OH group on the carboxylic acid, is it still a carboxylic acid when it is bonded to the glycerol? 

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  22. I believe the last sentence was to be something like:
    A TRIGLYCERIDE is a glyceride in which the glycerol is esterified with three fatty acids. It is the main constituent of vegetable oil and animal fats

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